2. solo-vintage:

    Young woman on a motorcycle asking information to a taxi driver, Paris, 1930s

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  3. My grandfather and his friend in Szentkút, Hungary.

    On August 15 (The feast of the Assumption), in the 1940s.

  4. Hutchinson Court, 1945

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  5. Vivian Meier, 1953

  6. Moholy-Nagy László: 7 A.M. New Year’s Morning, ca. 1930

  7. Kozák Lajos: Két sétapálcás férfi a budai Duna-parton


  8. maybenotthatmuch:

    Joaquin Phoenix

  9. i12bent:

    Marcel Duchamp (July 28, 1887 - 1968), French artist associated with Dada and Surrealism, and a huge enabler and influence for several generations of artists that followed. Duchamp moved the conception of art and its boundaries more than any other 20th C. figure…

    Photo: Irving Penn cornered Marcel Duchamp in 1948

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  10. Lewis Hine: Power house mechanic working on steam pump (1920)
  11. Swimming Horse

    Hungary, c.1922

    Photo from my private collection

  12. Show-jumping

    Hungary, c.1922

    Photo from my private collection

  13. The Unknown Lady


    The postcard is made in France, Paris

    From My Collection

  14. Italian Patrol Boat, Danube, Hungary


    Photo from my private collection

  15. Show Jumping, 1922, Hungary

    Photo from my private collection