Death of Wolverine #2 Variant by Leinil Yu / Tumblr 
Alexander Veljanov, his strange hair and famous jewelleries from c. 1985. The details are my creations -the angel on a gold chain is a little ELP reference (it’s a line from the song ‘Pirates’ and Greg Lake had a similar neck piece in the 70s).
Alexander Veljanov
charcoal on paper, 50x70 cm
Alexander Veljanov. A detail of my new drawing, which I made as a gift during my holiday. I will publish the full picture later.
If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry. Edgar Allan Poe  (via uncloudy)

(Source: letteratura-litterature, via teacoffeebooks)

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View of Spring from our Street, 1973, Josef Sudek, Czech (1896 - 1976)